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Clinic Mihai Cozmei en Katariina Cozmei

Posted by on 29 januari 2020
12 april 2020 – 13 april 2020 all-day
Hoeve Romantico
Griftdijk tegenover nr 2
3953ML Maarsbergen

Dit evenement is geannuleerd!


Clinic Mihai Cozmei en Katariina Cozmei wordt georganiseerd door Siem Horseback Archery.

Datums: 12 en 13 april 2020.

Locatie: Hoeve Romantico, Griftdijk tegenover nr 2, 3953ML Maarsbergen

We would like to invite you to the yearly clinic by Mihai Cozmei, well known horseback archer with world record in Korean track and fastest archer shooting from a quiver.
In the mornings we will practice on the ground. Ground archers who are interested in rythme shooting, asiatic archery, speed shooting, instinctive archery are more than welcome to join us!
In the afternoon we will practice horseback archery for the ones who want to shoot from a horse.
And more good news is: Katariina Cozmei, Mihai’s wife, will join him on this journey! She is an excellent horseriding trainer who can help you with your riding related challenges,

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